Scriptway – Version Control for Your Scripts

Early 2015, we at CallidusCloud (Now a SAP company) were building a Single sign-on (SSO) solution to vast majority of our customers from scratch. Our previous datacenter deployments used to take roughly 3~4 hours(scripts+manual) on a maintenance window over the weekend. We had many different pieces of clustered third party software . This includes but is not limited to OpenDJ,OpenAM, Vertica, and Hadoop. All of these pieces of software manage their configuration via some sort of internal database. Not necessarily a SQL database, but a database none the less. We would like to have a uniform mechanism for managing the cluster wide configuration of these various systems that takes care of some of the common problems of the idempotentcy of running a configuration script and additive configurations after a system is already in production so that individual developers no longer need to bear that cognitive load. This will reduce the number of issues that we have during deployments and reduce the amount of time it takes for developers and DevOps to write new configurations. This system should also support the files being used to configure a system being small and modular to enhance readability and maintainability. Enter Scriptway. In Scriptway,


The 2019 Platform Summit


October 23, 2019 10:30