Open Banking APIs with an Agile Way of Working

Pelin-Dumans-ABN-Amro Pelin Dumans
ABN Amro Bank

There has been a lot of talk about Open Banking and PSD2 over the past few years. What will happen, how can banks work going forward, has been discussed a lot. Now it’s here and time to evaluate how it works in practice. In this session I will talk about our successes and challenges with creating Open APIs. Applying an agile way of working and approaching it, in an innovative way, in an old school banking environment. I will touch on working as BizDevOps, business people working closely with IT, delivering quality products in a short time.

I will address

– What ABN Amro does on Open Banking
– How we have built our teams
– What are the criteria for building highly performing teams in the era of Open Banking


The 2019 Platform Summit


October 23, 2019 10:50