OAuth and OpenID Connect in Practice


Who should attend?

If you are a developer or an architect working with API development, or front-end development such as Apps or Websites, then this workshop is for you. You don’t need any previous experience with the technologies in order to attend. For the hands-on parts we recommend an intermediate level of computer skills, knowing some programming is helpful but not required to participate.

In short, we will talk about:


– OAuth flows and Actors
– OpenID Connect
– Token Formats
– Token handling
– Securing an API

Bring your laptop!

Workshop Description

In this workshop you will be guided through the concepts behind OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. These are emerging standards that will define the way the APIs and apps are built the coming decade. No matter if you are building microservices or monolithic APIs, security and identity will impact your decisions. But implementing an OAuth protected API is not just about reading the specification. During this workshop we will discuss why things are designed the way they are, how they should be deployed in a scalable fashion, and what it means to build an entire platform that uses these standards.

The workshop will consist of two parts, one theory part where the concepts and ideas are introduced, and then a more practical part where we’ll try out the different flows.

The entire workshop will encourage discussions and questions. For example: why should we, or should we not use the standards in certain ways. What can go wrong, and how does your organization gain the highest degree of reusability when deploying these mechanism?


October 22, 2018 13:00


4 hours including break