Managing Full API Lifecycle Management – From 0 to 1 to Many APIs

mehdi_medjaoui Mehdi Medjaoui
API Academy/CA Technologies

APIs are the angular stone of the digital economy, enabling more agile interactions internally and programmable business model with your ecosystem, to transform classic brick and mortar companies into open, agile and extended enterprises. But these new API-driven models, based on API-first architecture and API-first business principles needs to be matched with corporate technical and business culture and skills. This is the role of engaging an API lifecycle management practice. In this talk, Mehdi will present you the 8 pillars of API lifecycle management, and how to match them with your API maturity level to make the right investment at the right time for your API programs, and how to build your C4E (Center for Enablement) to now scale your API practice from few to many, many APIs.
In other words, evolving from how to think your APIs as products to think about API landscapes.
After this talk, you will comeback at the office with a clear vision a pattern to understand the investment phases of your APIs management lifecycle, and you will be able to match your API strategy with your corporate digital strategy, to stop thinking about what are the best business models for your APIs and beginning to think what are the best APIs for your business model.


The 2018 Platform Summit


October 23, 2018 09:40