HTTP API Design: UX for the Nitpickeriest

Aviv Ben-Yosef
Aviv Ben-Yosef

Stripe, Heroku, Slack, all made their APIs so fun to use that developers started using them when they had a few minutes to tinker, no sprint allocation needed. We’ll go over the most important pitfalls and Developer Experience rules to make developers love working with your APIs.
Most developers are very opinionated, and can tell at great length just why a certain tool or API are wrong. Yet, when designing our own APIs we usually don’t have a lot of experience of being on the other side of the equation, or the time to get experienced. In this session you’ll get a cheat sheet of the important aspects to consider in your HTTP APIs as well as lessons (good and bad) from companies such as Stripe, Slack and Heroku.


The 2018 Platform Summit


October 23, 2018 11:10