How Fidor APIs Leverage FinTech Business Models

Stefan Weiss
Fidor Bank

The banking industry has not changed much in the last centuries. Internet and smartphones changed not only the expectations of modern bank customers but also the possibilities for new banking approaches. Now thousands of start-ups challenge the status quo and redefine banking, payment and what money is. Fidor Bank – being one of those challengers – actively supports startups with services and licenses. Open standard APIs are Fidor’s approach to provide partners a secure, easy and quick access to the highly regulated world of banking. In this presentation, Stefan Weiss, Head of APIs, will show what Fidor Bank offers today and explain the challenges of this approach.

Attendees will leave this presentation with new ideas and information about how APIs can be used to disrupt industries and unseat incumbents.




May 12, 2015 16:25


25 mins