Growing Internal API Consumption in Danske Bank

John Madsen John Madsen
Danske Bank

As part of Danske Bank Digitalisation Strategy, Group IT have begun an API and cloud journey to continuously deliver innovative digital offerings to customers at faster speed.

However, Danske Bank’s API and cloud journey is not just related to our channels and ecosystem plays, it also caters for API enablement of our core banking areas such as customer data, accounts and payments that are used by the majority of applications.

Our internal APIs followed many best practices, but growing internal consumption of our APIs did not pick up. The focus of this session will be on what Danske Bank have done to grow internal consumption of APIs and address the following topics:

  • Improving the developer experience by making it easier to find and subscribe to APIs that are well documented
  • Security issues that prevented certain types of users
  • Latency and monitoring issues
  • Marketing the APIs and closing down old ways of integrating


The 2019 Platform Summit


October 23, 2019 13:20