From Inception to RFC – The SCIM Story

Kelly_Grizzle Kelly Grizzle
SailPoint Technologies

The System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) specification was created with a simple goal – to make it fast, affordable and easy to move users in to, out of, and around the cloud. A small group of identity management geeks came together to bring this dream into a reality – first through the Open Web Foundation and then later through the Internet Engineering Task Force. This effort resulted in three RFCs that have been widely adopted – 7642 (use cases), 7643 (schema) and 7644 (API).
This talk explores the journey of creating an API, taking it through the process of becoming an RFC, and watching it take on a life of its own. We will discuss lessons learned when designing an API, surprising applications, experiences in implementation, and guiding principles that will make an API last the long haul.


Austin API Summit 2018


June 13, 2018 08:55