Framework for Successful API Governance

With a vision to democratize payment, PayPal’s service portfolio extends to all customer segments in over 200+ countries; from consumer through SMBs to very large merchants/partners. The service portfolio is a collection of many end-user public facing and internal supporting APIs. These APIs are backed by hundreds of micro-services running on disparate platform stacks.
Managing such a complex API portfolio is a challenge for any organization. Over time, PayPal has perfected the API governance model with a repeatable framework that optimizes time-to-market, improves developer agility with minimal governance overhead, and provides a great developer experience that creates high-quality APIs. The talk aims to share the three P’s of PayPal’s highly successful API governance framework:

Product – the infrastructure, standards, and tools used to manage the portfolio of APIs and underlying service implementations
Portfolio – the catalog of business capabilities, represented as APIs and underlying services
Program – the metrics, training, and levers used to incentivize changes in organizational behavior and technology investment


The 2018 Platform Summit


October 23, 2018 14:00