End-to-end Type-Safe GraphQL Apps

Discover all the steps & benefits for adding End-to-end Type-Safety to your GraphQL Apps with this demo-based talk. At the end of such, you’ll want to refactor your codebase in order to take all the advantages of GraphQL, TypeScript & React working together. Apollo, auto-gen Types & Hooks will build the pillars of a SpaceX demo 🚀. Building applications using type-safety is the new challenge nowadays. JavaScript, as most popular dynamic typed language, comes at the cost of making many mistakes (such as typos, misspellings, etc), here’s where TypeScript comes in. Having a strongly typed GraphQL schema as Single Source of Truth, we’d want to keep the data structures in sync over the whole application to reduce the propensity of errors. This talk discusses the tools and best practices for building full type-safe applications with GraphQL, touching on topics like schema-based code generation, type-safe resolvers, client-documents types and more!


LiveCast: Diving into GraphQL


February 27, 2019 09:30