Decentralizing Identity by mixing OAuth and Bitcoin Protocols

OAuth is a widely adopted protocol/framework for Identity on the web which enables authorization between platforms and third-party apps. It has enabled delegated identity in ways that prior specifications have not been able to. It has helped to reduce the amount of passwords sharing that happens between websites and apps.

But OAuth is bad for the open web. OAuth concentrates the identity to trusted hubs (like Facebook, Google, etc.). In the long term, this will prevent users from freely controlling their data. By decentralizing identity and authorizations to trustless networks (like Bitcoin and Blockchain), users and apps would benefit from a better, more distributed architecture for identity. This would enable both parties to avoid having middleman services.

The talk aims to present the technical draft of the implementation of the blockchain as the identity provider of the web.


Platform Summit


October 21, 2014 10:50




20 min