Bringing Hypermedia to the Masses

Tomasz-Pluskiewicz-Zazuko Tomasz Pluskiewicz
Zazuko GmbH

I would like to present the fruits many years’ labor trying to build a reusable set of components for building (web) applications really driven by Hypermedia.

The HATEOAS constraint boils down to a simple rule that the client cannot make assumptions about the resource representations and possible state transitions; all the necessary information should be provided by the server at run time. This poses a great obstacle when juxtaposed with the typical mindset, particularly that of designing Single-Page Applications. Single-Page Applications, or SPAs, are often built around rigid navigation structures (aka routing) and bespoke views and forms. Such approach to building software is a wasted opportunity for resilience to changes. The result is a set of bad practices such as code generation from API descriptions, and API versioning.

In my session I would like to show building blocks I have been developing which allow for a shift in traditional SPA architecture: simplified, resource-driven “routing”, dynamic view and form generation. Designed with Hydra in mind but media type agnostic. Built using latest tech standards: modern JavaScript and Web Components.


The 2019 Platform Summit


October 23, 2019 12:40