API First via Federated API Design

An overview of the ADP API journey where the API First approach has become a fundamental principal of the API development within ADP. The session is focused on how to design the API specifications using an Open Source model to allow multiple product teams to design their APIs in a Federated mode to ensure the fastest time-to-market as well as a consistent look-and-feel across the Enterprise using the Open API Standard 3.0 (f.k.a. Swagger) and JSON schema. The session will also cover the API Governance aspects within an extremely diversified ADP business ecosystems via templates and API schema building (“Lego”) blocks as well as the infrastructure to support an automated publication of the API specifications and the integration scenarios of the API Registry with the company-wide ESB, API authorization store and the Marketplace infrastructure.

Watch the recorded session:


Austin API Summit 2019


May 14, 2019 11:30