API Economy Use Cases, Challenges and how to define a proper Architecture

Especially the new Ecosystems and emerging technologies challenge existing companies to implement new ways in order to reach out to new customers and connect to existing ones. API Economy is the new standard which has been established to address these challenges. For example in Banking there are new regulations like PSD2 or broader adoption like OpenBanking which increase the pressure to adopt and change traditional Banking models. The API Economy requires to bridge Business Needs with Technology like Management of this APIs, Development Adopters and Interfaces of APIs to traditional Backend Systems and coping with Security and Service Levels. This Session focuses on practical industry use cases which supports you to follow the digital disruption as well as covers the challenges which come with it and how IBM addresses the various architectural models and license issues.


The 2017 Platform Summit


August 10, 2017 12:40


Lilla Stjärnrummet (11th floor)