API Design

3 presentations, 20 minutes each, followed by a 15 minute panel debate with the speakers.

The Art of Effective API Design (Ronnie Mitra, CA Technologies)
Years ago, interface designers put their faith in standards like SOAP. For them good design often meant simply understanding how to comply to specifications.
But, now we find ourselves in the era of organic, flexible, developer-centric APIs for which we are told to apply ‘product thinking’. How can today’s API designer create interfaces that are effective?
In this session I will show how sketching, prototyping and testing can help you design and build the API that you deserve.

API Design Lifecycle (Honza Javorek, Apiary)

Scaling API Design (Jason Harmon, Paypal)
Building API-driven platforms starts with good API design. We’ll
look at the elements you should be building into your API program from
the ground up, to succeed long-lived designs for your internal and
public APIs.


Platform Summit


October 22, 2014 10:25


1:15 hours