Be part of the Nordic APIs unconference

Before lunch on day 2 of Nordic APIs we have scheduled time for an unconference, which will run parallel to the demo track. We hope you can all use this time to discuss whatever has not been covered in the scheduled presentations or to dig deep into something that especially interests you.

Create an unconference session

Anyone can create a session about anything. You do not need to be an expert in an area to create a session about it, maybe you have a question you want somebody more knowledgable t o answer or you just want to hear more about something. The sessions do not even have to be API-related, even if sessions about Spanish grammar might not get many visitors. There will not be projectors or whiteboards available, so prioritise discussion over presentation when creating a session.

There are two ways to create a session:

  • Before the conference start – Mail a short description of the session and yourself (in English) to Contact us. I will then add it to the unconference schedule (and I might blog about it as well). If you have an idea for a session do not hesitate to Contact us
  • During the conference – Go to the unconference grid posted on a wall in the conference centre and simply add your session there (by writing it on a paper and taping it to the grid). A perfect way to continue discussions that didn’t fit in regular presentation or to dig deeper into something that you think was not covered in sufficient detail in a presentation.

Each unconference session is 25 minutes long with a 5 minute break in-between to allow everyone to move between sessions and we have 3 rooms to use. It is a first come first server scheduling system, so get your session in on the agenda as soon as you can to make sure there is space.

Unconference rules

There are not many rules to keep in mind during an unconference, just a few important ones:

  • Be nice
  • Whatever is discussed is the right thing
  • Whoever shows up are the right people – a session with 2-3 attendees is just as valuable as a session with 50, it is all about what the people attending are getting out of it
  • Contribute, do not just sit quietly and listen. Everyone has something of value to share.
  • Live long and prosper


All regular presentations at Nordic APIs will be recorded and the videos published after the conference, but that is not true for the unconference sessions. So it would be great if somebody in each session could record with their smartphone using Bambuser or something similar. If you do please tag the video “nordicapis” so everyone can find it later.