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Latest Blog Entries

High-Grade API Security For Banks

Financial institutions occupy a special zone for APIs largely because of how stringent the regulatory compliance rulesets are. The data that financial institutions leverage are protected wiy by a variety of regulatory ordinances, and as such, this data has to be stringently controlled, secured, and managed – hence why high-grade API security is such a…

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Serverless GraphQL Architecture With Graphcool

Today, new application development leans towards microservices and serverless approaches. With this paradigm shift, the weaknesses of traditional RESTful API approaches began to show. GraphQL was developed in response to the problems of a typical REST API, but requires a fair amount of configuration to get it running server-side. According to Nikolas Burk, full-stack developer,…

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8 Ways That Plugging Into APIs Helps Business

Due to the nature of APIs, the discussion is often of a technical nature. While this is fine for the world’s engineers and data managers, the fact is that an API has just as many business benefits as it has technical benefits. for this reason, it helps to consider an API as not only a…

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Tips On Building A Developer Community

These days, developer communities come in all shapes and sizes. There are tight-knit local meetups for niche programming languages. Groups form around everything from GraphQL to Docker, and massive on communities center around platforms like Github or Stack overflow. And occasionally, communities emerge around company-specific API platforms too; take Twilio, Shopify, or Fidor, for example….

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