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Latest Blog Entries

7 Types Of API Business Models

Much of the modern business world runs on APIs. As a result of this, APIs are now valuable assets in a business environment, causing a lot of thought for API practitioners. Chief of these concerns is the exact methodology and process of monetization. How does it work? How does an API prove its value and capture…

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Why APIs Are Vital to Advancing the Connected Car

Today’s cars are digital than ever before. They can connect to the internet, offer convenient entertainment services and a sophisticated digital user experience. But tomorrow’s cars will be capable of even : They’ll be able to lo around street corners, interact with other cars on the street, pick the rider up autonomously when requested,…

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Embracing Diversity In The API Space

For non-technical folks, API jargon can seem like another language. But for some API developers and consumers, that’s literally the case. English has, as it has in so many areas, become the de facto language of choice for programming and API development. That could pose real problems for non-native speaking developers, as could being the…

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Bring on the Players: Who Wins in Open Banking?

It’s fair to say that the current noise around Open Banking is almost deafening. We constantly hear about the potential of this new market — driven by APIs — to change financial services by increasing consumer choice, crushing incumbent banks, or making a barrel of cash for a cool startup. There is, however, to…

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