HybridConf – programmers and designers learning together

HybridConfNordic APIs is all about getting people from different industries, different backgrounds and different countries to learn from each other and in the process learn how to be better at using and publishing APIs successfully. HybridConf has a similar mission but are focused on getting designers and programmers to learn from each other and work more efficiently together.

August 21st–22nd Hybridconf comes to Stockholm and they have some really great speakers lined up. There are talks from the CTO of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, the founder of Ghost, a developer and a designer from GitHub, the creator of SASS and HAML, a designer from Square and many more. All in all 2 days, with 17 talks. Up until Sunday April 27th they have discounted tickets on sale, so hurry up before they raise the price.

With HybridConf you should be able to satistfy your need for conferences until the next Nordic APIs conference in the end of October. We are working hard on getting some great keynote speakers lined up before we start selling tickets, but soon soon it’s time. Sign up for the Nordic APIs newsletter in order not to miss the super early bird tickets when they are released.