Helpful APIs For Creating Food Delivery Apps

Helpful APIs for Creating Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps are some of the most popular apps across the world. They’re in very high demand because of how convenient they are for users. The food delivery market is also a very lucrative and highly competitive industry.

There are hundreds of food delivery apps worldwide, but only some can truly scale their businesses. If you want to create a successful food delivery app, you’ll need the right technology, APIs, and a scalable business model at its core. Below, we’ll look at some helpful APIs that power the functionalities you’d likely require within a food delivery app.

APIs For Geolocation

Foursquare Places API

The Foursquare Places API provides geolocation data for businesses and other points of interest, which can be used to power a food delivery app. With the API, app developers can access Foursquare’s database of over 105 million places worldwide, including detailed information on each location. The API also provides real-time data on user check-ins, which can be used to track trends and optimize delivery routes.

Google Places API

The Google Places API is a great tool for geolocation in food delivery apps. It can help provide accurate location data for restaurants and other businesses, which can be used to route deliveries and ensure that customers receive their food promptly. The API can also provide customer reviews and additional business information, which can be useful when selecting restaurants and businesses.

APIs for Logistics, Stocking, and Inventory


The GoFrugal API for logistics, stocking, and inventory management is the perfect solution for food delivery apps. It provides a complete suite of tools to help manage and streamline the food delivery process. With the GoFrugal API, you can track inventory levels and stock items and manage logistics in real-time. This ensures that your food delivery app always has the most up-to-date information on hand and that your customers always receive the freshest food possible.

Simphony POS

Symphony’s POS API is an API developed by Oracle which enables logistics, stocking, and inventory management for food-related software. The API provides a set of endpoints for managing inventory, tracking deliveries, and managing orders. The API is designed to work with Simphony’s logistics software, which offers a set of tools for managing fleet operations, routing, and scheduling.

APIs For Delivery


If you’re looking for a way to streamline delivery in your food delivery app, Deliverect may be the perfect solution. Deliverect is an API that integrates with your app to provide real-time tracking and delivery management. With Deliverect, you can manage orders, dispatch drivers, and track delivery progress all in one place. Plus, Deliverect offers features like order routing and geofencing to make delivery even more efficient.


The Chuboh API for Delivery makes it easy for developers to add delivery functionality to their food delivery apps. With this API, developers can access various delivery options from a single API. This makes it easy to add delivery to an existing app or create a new one with delivery functionality.

APIs For Restaurants Listings

Google Places Search API

The Google Places API can be used again to fetch details like addresses, reviews, and more. It can also add restaurant listings to a food delivery app. The API allows developers to search for restaurants by name, location, and type of cuisine and then retrieve detailed information about each one, including the address, phone number, and website. Adding the Google Places API to a food delivery app can help users find the best restaurants in their area and get the most accurate and up-to-date information about them.

FourSquare Places API

The FourSquare Places API is also a great way to add restaurants to a food delivery app that works similarly to Google {laces API. This API can search for restaurants by name, location, or cuisine. You can also get detailed information about each restaurant, including its menu, price range, and hours of operation. This makes it easy to find the perfect restaurant for your needs.

APIs For Reviews

If you’re looking for a way to integrate reviews into your food delivery app, the API is a great option. With this API, you can easily fetch reviews from various sources and display them in your app. The API is easy to use and well-documented, making it an excellent choice for developers.


The Trustpilot API is also a great way to integrate reviews into a food delivery app. This would allow users to see reviews of restaurants before ordering and could help them make more informed decisions. The API could also be used to display ratings and reviews of food delivery services, to help users choose the best option for their needs.

APIs For Store Cart


If you’re looking to develop a food delivery app, then consider Shopify’s APIs. With these APIs, you’ll be able to access Shopify’s vast database of products, as well as manage your own store’s inventory. You’ll also be able to create and manage orders, customers, and shipping information. In short, the Shopify APIs will give you many tools you need to develop a successful food delivery app.


The CommerceJS APIs allow developers to easily add a store cart and food delivery app to their website or mobile app. The APIs provide a simple yet powerful way to manage and track orders, customers, and inventory. The APIs are easy to use and constantly updated with new features and capabilities.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our article about helpful APIs for creating food delivery apps. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your food delivery app and deliver food to your customers with ease.