Free API Meetup in Gothenburg on May 6

nordic_localized_na_gbg_14Next week, we will have our first after-work meetup. Our 13th Nordic APIs event will be in Gothenburg on May 6th starting at 17:30. We’ll begin with dinner, drinks, and networking. From 18:30 to 20:00, we’ll have three short talks from Andreas Krohn of Dopter, Federico Hernandez from Västtrafik, and myself. We’ll discuss things such as:

  • What APIs are
  • Why they matter
  • The state of APIs in the Nordics
  • API deployment considerations (e.g., security, 24/7 operations)

We’ll meet at Västtrafik’s offices downtown. Afterwards, some of us will make our way to a nearby pub for more API chatter over drinks. For the exact address, full agenda, and other info, checkout the event page. Admission is free, so sign up today before the last few tickets are claimed.

A big thanks to Västtrafik for hosting and hope to see you next week!