Developing the API Mindset ebook

e-book Released: Developing The API Mindset for Private, Partner, and Public APIs

Over the last week we followed the API blogosphere discussion surrounding API nomenclature. Steven Willmott does a good job of summing up the recent debate in a 3Scale post, .

Interesting timing… we have been compiling an eBook that not only defines a taxonomy for API types but offers insightful business strategies for each variation.

Introducing our FREE eBook for download:

Developing the API Mindset: a guide to using Private, Partner, and Public APIs

Developing the API Mindset ebook

Developing the API Mindset – A guide to using private, public and partner APIs

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Written by Mark Boyd and grounded in proven case studies, “Developing the API Mindset” is a true culmination of all our 2014 seminars in which we met with over 300 business representatives, and spoke with international API thought leaders to understand the key API adoption trends that can help businesses create successful API business strategies.

The eBook defines business strategies and best practice tips for the following API distinctions:

Private APIs can help increase internal productivity and create efficiency savings across a business’s operations. They can also help speed up time-to-market for product development and encourage greater cross-departmental collaboration.

Partner APIs are strategically shared in a B2B agreement. They can help strengthen external relationships and widen a business’s reach to encompass partner customer markets as well.

Public APIs are open APIs, and can help a business monetize its data and capital assets, enter new markets and create new revenue streams.

All three API types have their own benefits, but can also create a multiplier effect when used along a pathway of API maturity. Most important of all is that API usage in a business assists in reorienting the business culture and mindset towards a platform model and composable enterprise identity. This mindset is essential for stability and success in today’s economy and emerging business environment.

There are many API strategies, but perhaps the most important aspect for any business is to be innovative with a strategy unique to their specific offerings and industry vertical.

Download our eBook to collect the advice and tools needed to succeed as an API practitioner. As always, we welcome feedback below, or on our Twitter, Linkedin, or Google+ pages.

Thanks to all Nordic APIs participants and followers who have made this release possible!