Chance to Hack on Pearson’s API

As I described at Twobo’s BYOD event a couple weeks ago and in the video below, Pearson, the publishing company, launched an API to provide third-party developers with access to the content they had created for their books. By opening up this info to app developers, they have created an ecosystem of innovation and creativity. We’re excited to give all of you the chance to join that community and use their API to do something new and novel.

We have 3 vouchers that will grant each redeemer free access and usage of the Pearson API at least until this month’s event in Stockholm. To get one of these, tell us your idea of what you’ll do w/ the API by posting a comment below, tweeting us, or by dropping us a note. Just before the event, we’ll check in w/ those who were selected, and decide who of the 3 have used the API in the most creative and innovative way. The one selected will be given 15 minutes during lunch on the 21st to show off their creation to the nearly 200 people in attendance.