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The Long-Term Ramifications of Poor API Design

Our digital landscape is dominated by services, many of which power the daily experiences we rely upon. Banking, entertainment, and numerous other industries deliver core functionality to their customers through their APIs. What happens when design practices are lackluster?

The Instant Gratification Trap

API design and deployment are tied closely together—for better or worse. Read more

How PropTech APIs Will Disrupt Real Estate

When you think about technological advances like APIs disrupting sectors, real estate and its associated banking processes might not immediately spring to mind. Ivan Nokhrin of BuiltAPI joined us at our 2019 Platform Summit to talk about some of the potential applications of APIs and PropTech (property tech) as they relate to the world of real estate. Read more

API Archaeology: Using Accidental APIs to Inform the API Journey

Large organizations often talk about “beginning their API journey” as if they don’t yet have APIs. In a narrow sense of the word this may be true if we look at APIs as something that is (a) designed for reuse, and (b) that is designed as a networked interface (two fundamental aspects of APIs that I point out in a video about what an API is). Read more

Monitor the COVID-19 Outbreak with These APIs

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, monitoring the pandemic’s progress has become a top priority. Awareness is absolutely essential in the wake of a crisis—for citizens and data scientists alike. Thankfully, organizations and developers have made key metrics available to the public. Read more