8 PDF Editing and Generation APIs

Best 8 PDF Editing and Generation APIs

Are you in search of the best PDF editing and generation APIs? If yes, you have come to the right place. PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most popular document formats. It allows you to easily share and print documents without any compatibility issues. And using an API is a great way to programmatically manage PDFs.

In this article, we’ll be discussing eight of the top PDF editing and generation APIs. We will go through each API in detail to help you decide which one is the best for your needs. So, let’s get started!

1. Adobe Acrobat Services

Adobe Acrobat PDF API Services is a set of powerful tools and functionalities that allows developers to integrate PDF processing capabilities into their applications. With the PDF API, developers can convert files to and from PDF format, extract text and data from PDF documents, manipulate and optimize PDF files, and perform a wide range of other operations. This API is designed to be highly scalable, secure, and reliable, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

Additionally, the API comes with a comprehensive set of documentation and support resources, making it easy for developers to get started and build robust PDF processing features into their applications. Overall, Adobe Acrobat PDF API Services is an essential tool for businesses that require advanced PDF processing capabilities in their applications.


  • One of the most popular services for PDFs
  • The API allows you to perform multiple operations like generation, editing, conversion, OCR, etc.
  • The PDF service also allows you to integrate the viewer into your apps like mobile and web.

2. PDF.co API

PDF.co API PDF Services is a comprehensive software solution for processing PDF documents. It provides powerful tools that allow users to extract, convert, and manipulate PDF files in various ways. With PDF.co API PDF Services, users can easily merge, split, and rotate PDFs, as well as add or remove pages and compress or optimize file size.

The software also supports optical character recognition (OCR), allowing text extraction from scanned documents. The API is a good choice for businesses, developers, and individuals looking to streamline their PDF processing tasks. It is also highly scalable, making it an excellent option for large organizations. Overall, PDF.co API PDF Services is a reliable and efficient tool for managing PDFs.


  • The API allows you to convert data to PDF from JSON, XML, or HTML.
  • You can also secure and encrypt your PDF documents using the API.
  • The API also allows you to generate and read codes like QR and barcode.

3. Docparser API

Docparser is a powerful PDF editing and generation API. It provides a range of features and tools for creating, editing, and managing PDFs. With Docparser, you can easily convert PDFs to other formats, add digital signatures, encrypt documents, and create forms.

Docparser is designed to automate the data extraction process and simplify the task of data entry. With its machine learning technology, it can extract data from PDFs with high accuracy and speed. The Docparser API is easy to integrate into any application, enabling businesses to streamline their document processing and reduce the time and resources spent on manual data entry. Overall, Docparser API pdf Services is a reliable solution for anyone looking to improve their PDF data extraction process.

4. Anvil PDF API

Anvil API is a comprehensive set of tools that allows developers to create web and mobile applications quickly and efficiently. The platform is designed to help developers build and launch their applications with minimal hassle and has a wide range of tools to aid in the process. The API offers features such as database management, user authentication, and third-party integrations.

With Anvil’s API, businesses and organizations can streamline their document management process and automate their workflow. With Anvil API, developers can create applications using popular programming languages like Python, HTML, and CSS. The software is scalable, reliable, and secure, making it an ideal solution for companies of all sizes.


  • Apart from editing and generating PDFs, you can also use the API to e-sign legally binding documents and fill the PDF using JSON data.
  • You can create a complete workflow using GraphQL and URL APIs.

5. Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement API is a powerful tool that helps developers integrate PDF editing functionalities into their applications. With this API, developers can create custom PDF applications that handle complex PDF documents. The API provides a range of features, such as document manipulation, form filling, data extraction, OCR technology, and digital signature capabilities. It is built with an intuitive interface, making it easy to use even for beginners.

Wondershare PDFelement API is a reliable and efficient solution for developers who want to provide their users with advanced PDF editing capabilities.


  • It is a full-fledged PDF solution in the form of an API.
  • They also have SDK support that can be used in languages like Python, C++, and C#.

6. PDFBlade API

PDFBlade is a powerful API service that provides developers with an easy way to integrate PDF processing capabilities into their applications. With PDFBlade, developers can quickly and easily convert PDFs to different file formats, such as images, Microsoft Office documents, and HTML. The API service also enables developers to merge multiple PDF files into one document or split a PDF into multiple documents.

In addition, PDFBlade offers a range of other features, including watermarking, encryption, and OCR. With its intuitive API documentation and robust customer support, PDFBlade is a great option for developers who need to work with PDFs in their applications.

7. PDF Generator API

PDF Generator API lets you generate PDFs from predefined templates and JSONs. It also allows users to manage their PDF templates using the drag-and-drop interface. The API documentation is fairly simple, and the API is straightforward to implement. The API allows you to perform CRUD on PDF templates, documents, and workspaces.

8. DocHub API

DocHub API services provide a set of tools and functionalities that enable developers to integrate DocHub’s features into their applications. These APIs offer a secure, reliable, and scalable way to interact with documents and streamline workflow processes.

Some of the services offered by DocHub’s API include creating, editing, and managing PDF documents, collaborating with team members, collecting digital signatures, and adding annotations to documents. With the help of DocHub’s API services, businesses can improve their document management processes, automate workflows, and enhance their overall productivity. Additionally, the company offers developers extensive documentation and technical support, making it easier to integrate DocHub’s API services into their applications.

Final Words

These were the top eight PDF editing and generation APIs. Each of these APIs has its own features and tools for creating, editing, and managing PDFs. We hope this article has helped you find the perfect API for your needs.