Steve McDougall

Hailing from the scenic Welsh Valleys of the UK, Steve McDougall is a Developer Advocate for Treblle, an innovative lightweight SDK designed to supercharge the development, deployment, and maintenance of REST-based APIs. With his hands-on experience, he’s played an instrumental role in enhancing the API ecosystem, making it more intuitive and efficient for Engineering and DevOps teams.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Outside of his primary role, Steve wears multiple hats. He is a consultant CTO, spearheading monumental Digital Transformation projects, streamlining departments for acquisition readiness, and fine-tuning API strategies. His expertise also delves into open-source consulting, where he guides businesses in reshaping their technical trajectories.

However, it’s not just the boardroom or the code that beckons Steve. With a mission to enlighten and empower, he runs a prolific YouTube Channel that serves as a beacon for developers worldwide. Through his content, Steve tackles the daunting specter of imposter syndrome, providing reassurance and a wealth of knowledge to his community. His videos stand testament to his belief in the power of shared knowledge and the importance of uplifting one another in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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