Mark Boyd

Mark Boyd

Mark Boyd is a freelance writer specializing in the API economy, with a particular focus on API business models, open data and civic tech.

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Copenhagen: APIs are No Joke!

Our Copenhagen Nordic APIs event will be held on 1 April at First Hotel Kong Fredrik. Join us as we cover the use of APIs across the enterprise, amongst business innovators, and in civil society.

Our packed agenda covers:

  • When to choose private, partner or public APIs
  • Key API challenges including security and user authentication
  • Effective models of business and customer integration via APIs
  • How developers can use APIs with open data to build new business and civic applications

Our day starts with an overview of private, partner and public APIs and an examination of the benefits to business. Read more

Fyndiq’s Private, Partner AND Public APIs Drive Business

Swedish online retailer Fyndiq excited our Nordic APIs audience in November last year when co-founder and CTO Micael Widell declared one of their biggest business milestones was when they released their API. Now, Micael is working with his team of 11 developers to see how APIs can empower internal structures (via private APIs), support business integration (with partner APIs), and continue to enable an increase in market reach (via public APIs). Read more

The Nordics are Ready for APIs!

More and more businesses are recognising that an API strategy is becoming a necessity in a new marketplace driven by cloud-based services, big data, and mobile enablement. Many, including the sponsors of our upcoming Nordic tour, are seeing that businesses in this region are often better prepared for introducing APIs than some of their counterparts around the globe. Read more

Partnership APIs Part Two: Managing Relationships with API Partners

In the first part of our look at Partner APIs, we laid out the “zero vision” to take when forming a partner API strategy. We also discussed the importance of targeting the low-hanging fruit that can enable B2B relationships to begin using APIs to improve communications and speed up the flow of information. Read more

Partnership APIs Part One: The “Zero Vision” Success Factor

Using specifically-designed APIs to work more collaboratively with partners can build trust in business relationships and enable 24-hour access to your business supply chain. But one-off API strategies can also be costly to produce and can challenge existing relationships with trusted suppliers and business contractors. Read more