Jarkko Moilanen

Jarkko Moilanen

Jarkko Moilanen is a long term open source community activist, creator of the APIOps concept and founder of the API-Suomi community. Jarkko is one of the leading API economy evangelists (APItalist) in Finland. Nowadays designing and leading strategy implementation in education and cloud services at Ministry of Education and Culture. Also acting as one of the X-Road Ambassadors in Finland and Joint X-Road community midwife.

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API Model Canvas: Developer Experience is a Key Ingredient of Quality APIs

According to The State of API Survey Report 2016 by Smartbear, nearly 85% of the respondents agree that API quality is crucial to their organization. The same survey identifies the top three reasons keeping organizations from delivering quality APIs are:

1) Increased demands for speed 2) Lack of integration between tools and systems 3) Managing expectations of different stakeholders

A remedy for the first reason can be found by fine-tuning architecture and optimizing code. Read more