Heather Weaver

Heather Weaver

Heather Weaver is a full-stack web developer from New Orleans, with many years of experience building websites, apps and APIs. She loves automation, JavaScript, and animation. Besides writing for Nordic APIs, Heather publishes content on her own site at www.hweaver.com.

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Making Fast APIs: Lessons Learned From 40 Years of SQL

SQL is old — about 40 years old, in fact. In the tech world, where a new framework or language pops up seemingly every day, 40 years feels downright archaic. Why is such an old language relevant to building APIs in 2018? Read more

Serverless GraphQL Architecture With Graphcool

Today, new application development leans towards microservices and serverless approaches. With this paradigm shift, the weaknesses of traditional RESTful API approaches began to show. GraphQL was developed in response to the problems of a typical REST API, but requires a fair amount of configuration to get it running server-side. Read more