David Brown

David Brown is the CEO and Founder of TORO Cloud, a first-class software solution company helping medium-sized enterprises achieve digital transformation quickly through a low-code framework. David is a successful entrepreneur who was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business, majoring in Accounting, from the University of Western Sydney in 1991. A determined entrepreneur, David taught himself web development in the early 1990s and started two successful software companies. He founded TORO Cloud in 2014, offering a multi-purpose integration platform, Martini, that solves issues in relation to API Management, Business Process Automation, Data Integration, and OpenAPI. Supporting both cloud-based and on-premise deployments, Martini enables companies to integrate legacy, line-of-business, and SaaS applications into one cohesive ecosystem by helping build secure and scalable microservices that are easy to maintain.

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