Dave Sudia

I’m a Director of Devrel at Ambassador Labs. My passion at work is helping others reach their potential, and I love helping developers produce the highest quality, most reliable code they can, and get it to users! My previous career was as a behavior specialist, and I apply that expertise to improving the behavior of applications. I appreciate working on teams of curious people, where leadership roles are flexible, and members have the opportunity to step up and lead when they have the expertise, and step back and follow when they can learn something. Peer programming has been a powerful tool for me for writing better code. I don’t like sitting in a closet coding all day. I am experienced in several languages and pick up new stacks quickly. My current passion is the cloud-native technology space centered around Kubernetes, especially in small and medium-sized organizations. I bring over a decade of experience in engineering as well as a background as an educator in a prior life.

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