Adriano Mota

Adriano Mota

I’ve been working on IT since 2005, when I started with Java development. Throughout the years, I've acted in Tech Leadership roles for development teams. Since 2011, I started working with SOA and tools Like Service Bus, SOAP/REST standards, and diving into web services & API development. Recently, as Solution Architect, I’m engaging on API Design on projects involving legacy and new systems, encouraging the team using the APIs and cloud environment.

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Scaling Your Legacy: How Internal APIs Help Digital Transformation

Adriano Mota, a Solution Architect at Ford Motor Company, demonstrates how an API-first internal strategy has fueled their digital transformation efforts. 

Digital transformation enables businesses to speed up old models that need to be modernized, helping them face new global markets. Read more

8 Tips For Designing Quality REST APIs

Adriano Mota, Solution Architect at Ford Motor Company, shares well-treaded tips for designing automotive-grade APIs

There are many significant aspects of building APIs and REST services that API practitioners must consider. For example, there are industry-standard conventions on structuring the URL for each service, similar to patterns used for naming Java variables or classes. Read more