SPENDiD is a first of its kind stateless REST API offering demographically derived, peer-comparative spending intelligence, opening up an array of valuable consumer and marketing software experiences. By leveraging SPENDiD’s vast unbiased datasets, developers can set themselves and their software apart as innovative leaders through applications such as automated budgeting, personalized marketing insights, and even secondary lending metrics enabling potentially higher loan approval rates.

Through its uniquely structured and unimpeachable data sources, SPENDiD is a smart technology that helps personalize the user/provider relationship in an era where the parties may rarely or never meet face to face. The “crowd-wisdom” and normative spending guidance SPENDiD offers is addictively simple and enlightening.

SPENDiD was born out of a genuine desire to help solve what is truly an overwhelming and alarming U.S. trend in financial illiteracy and out of control spending behavior, especially among our younger population. Employers and even tax-payers are “co-sufferers” of this burden along with financially stressed employees and their families. SPENDiD is an ideal solution for use in Financial Wellness software offered by employers, PFM advisors, or fintechs.

The result is easy to connect API technology thoughtfully designed to dramatically and quickly improve the cash-flow awareness and general spending habits of the end-user. This is done by making the task of budgeting radically simple and even addictive. Client platform adoption of SPENDiD’s API helps the end-user take a giant step closer to newly found cash-flow literacy enabling a more peaceful, productive, and fulfilling life. In addition, employers and society as a whole benefit from a happier and more financially stable employee or neighbor.