Announcing our Austin Event!

Nordic APIs Austin Event 2018

We are excited to hold an API conference in Austin, Texas in June 2018! Join us for a 2 and a half-day event jam-packed with workshops and critical insights on building success in the API ecosystem.

For our second US event, we’ll be featuring 30+ speakers on a single track to discuss the many faculties of developing and sustaining a thriving API-first organization. The event is ideal for platform architects, API product owners, or CTOs seeking knowledge as well as inroads into the local and international API community.

Attend to gather expert testimonies on architecting an API. From assessing API definition formats, implementing security protocols, learning new microservices architecture strategies, or determining what makes a successful API business venture, our speakers will highlight many aspects of API practice for the modern enterprise.

If you are new to Nordic APIs events, you’ll be happy to find a high-standard API conference with carefully curated speakers. We cater to many aspects of maintaining an API-first platform, featuring truly helpful content free from product pitches. Learning from the success of our Platform Summit (which now garners 400+ attendees yearly in Stockholm), we are applying the same quality of event curation to the United States.

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Nordic APIs events take a broad perspective to address topics such as: API Platforms, API Security, API Marketing, API Design, and API Strategy. Common subjects discussed at Nordic APIs events include:

• Foundations for constructing API-first platforms

• RESTful design, Hypermedia (HATEOAS), and JSON

• Technological trends in the design of APIs, including REST, GraphQL, RPC, and more

• OAuth, OpenID Connect, and clever techniques for identity management

• OpenAPI and other API definitions for streamlining development and usability

• Pivoting a monolithic architecture toward a microservices approach GraphQL, and other trends in the API space

• Monetization strategies for pricing public APIs

• Provisioning decisions when creating API-first platforms: Private, Partner, and Public APIs

• Crafting API developer portals with developer experience in mind

• Essential developer resources: sandboxes, SDKs, code samples, and tutorials to onboard users

• Protocols for event-driven architectures

• And much more…

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