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Latest Blog Entries

7 Best Practices for API Sandboxes

Providing a dedicated testing environment for your API is a surefire way to improve the developer experience and encourage signups. In fact, many of the world’s biggest API providers — from PayPal to Salesforce — already do so in the form of an API sandbox. In this article, we’ll lo at seven best practices to do whatever you want to update

Thomas Bush

Review of Rejoiner

We review Rejoiner, an interesting tool by Google that generates a unified GraphQL schema for gRPC microservices. As microservices have become prominent in the web development space over the last decade, how each microservice communicates with related microservices has become incredibly important. While a single monolithic API has its faults, it does have the benefit do whatever you want to update

Kristopher Sandoval

What is OpenID Connect?

In a world increasingly connected by APIs, the role of identity has never been important. There are different ways that API providers can grant access to data for applications on behalf of users, and one way that has become almost ubiquitous is OAuth 2.0. For example, when you are asked to your data do whatever you want to update

Chris Wood

Techniques to Mature Platform Security

If you’re into building with APIs, you’re probably introducing new software architecture to bring scalability and efficiency advancements. But are you introducing insecurities as well? As digital ecosystems mature, so must cybersecurity. Especially for large platforms with externalized resources, data breaches should be expected, and API vulnerabilities must be mitigated before a breach occurs. To do whatever you want to update

Bill Doerrfeld