12 Killer Resources for API Practitioners

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A hammer, chisel, file, rasp — all humble tools. In the hand of a master like Antoni Gaudí though, they are the instruments used to create a world wonder.

Just like these crafting instruments, the API is the tool providing developers with the opportunity to reshape our digital world. It is the tool that is forming online wonders that will bring about the next phase of the digital economy — the great connection. It is an exciting time to be working with APIs.

Just as for the master Spanish sculpture, continuous learning is essential. It is critical that your API skills and knowledge do not become outdated, an easy outcome given the fast moving environment we find ourselves in.

This is why I felt it would be useful to bring together some of the best online API learning resources. Don’t hesitate to add your own favorites in a comment or on our Facebook page.

Zapier’s Introduction to APIs

Zapier has done a great job putting together a course introducing APIs. It is perfect for those just starting their API journey and covers protocols, data formats, API design, authentication, real-time communication, and implementation.

Entrepreneurship and APIs

If you are looking for an easy read about how important APIs are in entrepreneurial endeavors, I wrote an explanation on the topic a few weeks back. It briefly introduces some important business benefits of APIs, and why upcoming business builders should be learning and using this technology.

API Academy

API Academy provides free online lessons and in-person consulting services that cover essential API techniques. This useful resource provides business managers, interface designers and enterprise architects with some important knowledge. The growing repository is one you will want to revisit every so often.

API Evangelist’s Whitepapers

Kin Lane’s white papers on the basics of APIs, their history, and how to deploy and manage them are a useful collection of resources. He has also just released one on API design that is worth checking out.

News from ProgrammableWeb

If you want to keep up to date on API news and information, subscribe to the ProgrammableWeb.com news feed. They have daily updates about the latest API scoops. They also have the world’s largest API directory and search engine. If you want to get the word out about your API, getting it listed there is a smart idea.

Traffic and Weather API Podcast

This semi-regular podcast is hosted by John Sheehan of Runscope and Steve Marx from Dropbox. They talk about the latest API- and cloud-related tools, news and technologies. If you enjoy listening to your content, catch their broadcasts.

API Testing DOJO

API testing is an important part of the development process, and it is essential to hone this skill. Just as Gaudí had multiple tools, so will every API practitioner. Testing is an important one. To help you improve these abilities, check out the API Testing Dojo. It provides API developers with resources that help determine if their services work as required.


For an interesting point of view, check out APIUX. This blog examines APIs from the usability perspective of API developers. As Ronnie Mitra has explained during past Nordic APIs events, this focus is essential for successful API adoption. The articles, product reviews, and guidelines from APIUX are a great resource to learn more about developer experience.

API Economist

The API Economist is a place for developers, and enterprise architects that are seeking a conversation about the business, politics, and technology of APIs. It is a great blog that is worth subscribing to. Readers will find thought-provoking posts from some of the community’s pioneers who are working hard to advance the API economy.

API Magazine

Manfred Bortenschlager curates a collection of ideas and articles that revolve around APIs, developer evangelism, mobile app strategies, and ecosystem dynamics. His assembly of various gems provides a useful anthology of API info.

Nordic APIs

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What are some of your favorite sources? Did we miss one of your most useful resources? Share a link to sites, videos, presentations, and other info you have found useful in learning more about APIs.

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