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Equipping Your API With The Right Armor

APIs are as vast and varied as the systems that depend on them; while some systems may handle client data, payments, and collaborative research, other APIs may handle less important data such as social media and image sharing.

Due to the variations in application and usage, APIs face a unique set of considerations and issues arising from their availability that no other system faces – the difference between having an API for public consumption or one intended for internal use, in certain circumstances, can mean the difference between megalithic success and catastrophic failure. Read more

Developing the API Mindset ebook

e-book Released: Developing The API Mindset for Private, Partner, and Public APIs

Over the last week we followed the API blogosphere discussion surrounding API nomenclature. Steven Willmott does a good job of summing up the recent debate in a 3Scale post, Public Vs. Private APIs.

Interesting timing… we have been compiling an eBook that not only defines a taxonomy for API types but offers insightful business strategies for each variation. Read more


City Event Summary: Stockholm 31 March

The mood was high, the wraps were eaten, and the coffee was free-flowing: Nordic APIs began its four country tour in Stockholm yesterday with a networking lunch, a packed agenda, and a fully booked room of participants. While there were a handful of business developers in the audience, the bulk of those attending our Stockholm event at city tech hub, Start-up People of Sweden, were developers responsible for designing and deploying APIs within their businesses. Read more