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Common Cases When Using SOAP Makes Sense


While not all problems can be elegantly solved with SOAP, it may still be the best choice in some specific situations. In this article, we offer different scenarios where using SOAP, as opposed to REST, not only makes sense but may even be the best available option. Billing, calculation of transportation routes, and banking are good examples of cases that could benefit from using SOAP’s features.


Winter Collection: An API E-book from the Nordic APIs Team


Nordic APIs launches its 3rd e-book: A collection of the top 11 posts from the Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Season. Packed with advice on API design, business modeling, branding, and more. All proceeds will support the Salvation Army’s efforts to aid the homeless in Stockholm.


What Makes an Agile API?

Agile API

Having become a buzzword, ‘agile’ often comes loaded with misconceptions. This post de-mystifies the concept of what ‘agile’ means in the context of APIs. Christian Nilsson of Beepsend SMS messaging solutions offers 7 tips to help an API provider determine what it means to have an agile API.


Using Templates for Documentation Driven API Design

Using templates for documentation driven API design

As an API provider, it’s important to consider how consumers interact with your API. While most people leave this task to the very end, API design should, in fact, begin with clear and concise documentation. This practice is often called “Documentation Driven Design” or “Documentation Driven Development.” This article covers documentation-first approaches using a template from Blueprint API.