NordicAPIs Platform summit2016

The 2016 Platform Summit

October 24-26th, Stockholm

Architect and design your APIs on the scale of decades.

This years Platform Summit focuses on how to accelerate development and operations to design long-lasting APIs, and continuously deploy strategy to gain a return on your API platform.

Final week! Only a few spots left.
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Asynchronous APIs in Choreographed Microservices


When building microservices you have to first make a decision: How am I going to manage service-to-service communication? Most developers will answer immediately: API calls. But then, more questions come to mind: Am I going to call services directly? Doesn’t it block the caller service? Doesn’t it introduce a dependency between both services? What if…

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Virtualization, Sandboxes, and Playgrounds for a Wholesome API


An API is only as good as it is known. Getting an API into a developer’s hands, demonstrating the power of your solution, and providing an environment in which they can test and manipulate data in a controlled, monitored way is perhaps one of the most important unsung heroes of API publication. Having an awesome,…

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5 Potential Benefits of Integrating GraphQL


GraphQL is incredibly powerful — so powerful, in fact, that it is used by corporations such as Facebook to drive their large, complex social systems for billions of users. Despite this, the language is still relatively nascent, and its usage has yet to reach the dizzying heights that those languages it replaces and augments occupy….

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CMA Will Save Open Banking APIs in Post-Brexit Economy

CMA Will Save Open Banking APIs in Post-Brexit Economy

“The storm had now definitely abated, and what thunder there was now grumbled over more distant hills, like a man saying ‘And another thing…’ twenty minutes after admitting he’d lost the argument.” -Douglas Adams, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Regardless of your point of view and the continued rumbles of the argument,…

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