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How Far Should API Definition Languages Go?


The most common API definition languages we spot in the wild are Swagger / OpenAPI Spec, RAML and API Blueprint. All three let you define your endpoints, your resources, your query or path parameters, your headers, status codes, security schemes, and more. In a nutshell, these definition languages define the structure of your API, and…

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The Evolution of the OpenAPI Specification: Does OpenAPI Mean Open World?


Following the fanfare of its introduction in late 2015, the OpenAPI Initiative has now been in existence for six months. As discussed on their blog a great deal of progress has been made towards creating the governance structure that will help the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) move forwards, including a home on GitHub that has been…

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How APIs Are Streamlining Healthcare


Managing healthcare records can be a painful experience, for both patients and doctors. Though extensive medical records are kept on patients to be made available to new caregivers, accessing them is not always an easy process. In the UK, records are held digitally (usually General Practice (GP) records) yet some are still written by hand…

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World War API: Understanding the Enemy


The virtual world stage is ever evolving, and unfortunately, the physical conflicts of yesterday are quickly becoming the digital conflicts of today. States, groups, and individuals are poised to wage digital warfare for a variety of political, economic, and social reasons. And, as with any conflict, civilian data — and civilian architecture — are prone…

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