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Nordic APIs 2016 Platform Summit

October 24-26th, Stockholm

Architect and design your APIs on the scale of decades.

This years Platform Summit focuses on how to accelerate development and operations to design long-lasting APIs, and continuously deploy strategy to gain a return on your API platform.

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Blockchain: Beyond Cryptocurrency


In many ways, the internet is still a “wild west” technological landscape. New, innovative technologies emerge yearly, promising to expand functionality and redefine interactivity, changing our day to day lives on the world wide web through huge paradigm shifts. One of these great new technologies ushering in the new era of computing is the concept…

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Tips to Improve the Discoverability of Your API


“Build it and they will come” is certainly not the case in the API world. Even if you have a functionally brilliant service, without the right positioning your conversion rates could still be very low. Assuming you’ve made your developer program visible to the public, how should you then promote your API? There still may…

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Exploring the Cloud Laboratory: Advances in Biotech & Science-as-a-Service


It isn’t much of a stretch to imagine a world where biology is accessed and modified through API calls. Not only is this not science fiction, but the first laboratory science APIs are already available. Science-as-a-Service (SciAAS) companies have started popping up, with the intent to accelerate scientific research and improvements in biotechnology. Just as…

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Review of Red Hat’s Apiman Open Source API Management


It’s no surprise that the growth of the API economy has been accompanied by a proliferation of API management solutions as software vendors endeavor to tap into the needs of a wave of new API providers hitting the market. API management means different things to different people (as we recently discussed), and there are a…

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