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REST vs SOAP: Nordic APIs Infographic comparison

Has your boss made you responsible for your company's first API? Wondering which protocol you should use? In this post, we’ll take a fresh look at the REST vs SOAP comparison. We’ve created an infographic that will show you which protocol is a better fit. We’ve looked at the REST vs SOAP from a use-case perspective, hopefully making it easier to choose which protocol is better suited for your job.


The Best API Case Studies from Nordic APIs

Building an api platform one brick at a time.

For a few years now, Nordic APIs has been a hotspot of API learning. The stories told at our events and on our blog have shown how APIs can transform organisations. Here’s a collection of the best case studies so far.


APIs Power the Internet of Things

Visualisation of an API platform ecosystem

The web has evolved a lot since its inception 25 years ago, and now acts as one single supercomputer – just as Kevin Kelly predicted. In this post, we show you how APIs enable the Internet of Things (IOT) by connecting smart devices to the cloud. This post will help you learn about how APIs and their role in the IoT mega-trend. Specifically, we’ll show you how APIs are driving the IOT, solutions to common IoT-related challenges such as overcoming the security risks involved, and the IoT API platform play.

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3 Steps to Increasing Brand Awareness with APIs

How to Increase Brand Awareness with APIs

Are APIs the most efficient channel to promote your brand? Here we show you how they can be used to increase brand exposure. You’ll learn about the three stages to this initiative – finding a problem worth solving; building an API solution worth using; growing your API consumption as efficiently as possible.

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