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Staying competitive is difficult in a constantly changing environment


The Solution

Smarter use of APIs: We provide insights that make your job easier

nordic platform summit

Nordic APIs Platform Summit

October 20-22, Stockholm

Learn how to become an API business platform
from authorities such as SoundCloud, LEGO & Kin Lane
in our 2nd annual conference.

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The Nordic APIs team is very distributed, and it is growing quickly. We’re more than a dozen people working on various things, and we are scattered around Sweden, Spain, and the US. Our team has very little software running on our devices. Read more


Summer Collection: An API E-book from the Nordic APIs Team


Having just come back from my summer getaway, I noticed how exhausting it can be to catch up on all the things that have been left unread. I wish I could have taken more of it with me. Not all airlines have Wi-Fi yet, so I found myself cutoff on multiple occasions. Read more


What Exactly is an API Platform? A Competitive Edge That’s What!

touch screen graph on tablet in hands

Recent developments in social technologies have placed the consumer at the center of growth strategies, raising the need to rethink the way we define and understand business. Long gone are the days where consumers are considered a passive audience. Instead, they are potential distribution partners, and play a key role in the transformation of value. Read more


3 Ways APIs Create Value and 5 Acquisitions that Prove it

Big fish eat sign

Google buys Songza; Spotify nabs The Echo Nest; Facebook purchases Moves; Path gets TalkTo; and Edelman takes over Deportivo. What do these acquisitions have in common? APIs! In each of these buyouts, APIs played a central part in influencing the acquisition decision. Read more