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API Lifecycle Retirement Stage: A History of Major Public API Retirements


Old age comes, and retirement is a part of life. It’s no different in the API world. The retirement of the Netflix, Google Earth, and ESPN APIs are examples of some recent large public API deprecations. Every major API retirement tends to spawn worry within the developer community; are public APIs doomed? We don’t think so…

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4 Cities, 4 Awesome APIs: World Tour Feature


To prep for our May World Tour, we decided to interview one API evangelistic company in each city that we’ll be visiting — Copenhagen, Munich, London, and Seattle — to learn how they are driving the next generation of API technology and the advice they can offer fellow developers.


API Lifecycle Operations Stage: Marketing Your API


In order to grow your developer audience in a sustainable way, an API should be treated just like a normal product. Your Operations activities consist mostly of marketing your API by implementing the best possible Developer Portal and by following a combination of different traction channels. Within the Operations Stage, you’ll also discover marketing expenses related to developer attraction, and aim to have that value be much lower than your revenue — otherwise you won’t have a business.



API: Part of the Creative Palette


How is the API creative process is driving branding? There are creative teams using APIs to make impressive impacts and unique moments of our lives. From UNICEF, to vodka, we highlight the awesome ways APIs are changing the way we think, drink and interact. The Swedish team of Deportivo is made up of PR and design revolutionaries that use APIs to enable technology for education and entertainment, pushing innovation into various mediums…