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Writing Microservices in Go


Go – the unique, refreshing, future-friendly programming language taking the API world by storm. Today we take a look at this trendy and unique language. By the end of this piece, we will have discussed the basic mechanics of this developer favorite — and we’ll even produce a rudimentary API to show how easy it is to get running.


Green APIs Promote Sustainability and Climate Action


The world has woken up — global, business, and government leaders acknowledge that global climate is changing. In early 2015 the United States senate voted 98–1 that “climate change is real and not a hoax.” Pope Francis has made unprecedented strides to affect climate action with a papal encyclical on climate change. Academics continue investigation…

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eBook Released: The API Lifecycle


We are very excited to announce the release of our fourth eBook: “The API Lifecycle.” Visit our new dedicated eBooks page today to grab your FREE copy. Introducing a FREE eBook for download: The API Lifecycle   The API Lifecycle presents an agile process for managing the life of a web API – the secret sauce to help establish…

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First or Third Party APIs?

first or third party apis-02

The development of an API is a cycle of never-ending choices — whether those choices be the specific architecture and design of the API or the long-term needs of your users, the development lifecycle holds a multitude of possible options for the aspiring developer. One of these decisions is whether to develop in-house or to…

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