NordicAPIs Platform summit2016

The 2016 Platform Summit

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October 24-26th, Stockholm

Architect and design your APIs on the scale of decades.

This years Platform Summit focuses on how to accelerate development and operations to design long-lasting APIs, and continuously deploy strategy to gain a return on your API platform.

Early bird tickets available until August 20th
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How to Hold a Killer First Hackathon or Developer Conference

How to Hold a Killer First Hackathon or Developer Conference or Hackathon

Part of what makes modern API development so much more powerful than ever before is the fact that, at the tip of one’s fingers, an entire world of lessons, examples, and fellow developers are within reach. Community and the resultant feedback has made API development and the APIs that are created from this process more…

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Developer Relations: How to Offer Unparalleled Developer Outreach


APIs are necessarily a communal endeavor — the community fostered between the users, the providers, and those who depend on the API for the functions of their own services drives the development environment of the API space. Accordingly, developer outreach is absolutely essential for cultivating an API’s network of users and agents. Beyond understanding this importance, figuring out the…

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Education, APIs, and the Changing Face of EdTech

APIs are bringing a new face to EdTech

Education is a space that many would argue is in dire need of disruption. With the average college degree in the USA costing tens of thousands of dollars per year, the ivory tower of academia is one that’s only available to those who are lucky enough to get a scholarship, willing to take on plenty…

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Walkthrough of APIware’s Sapience API Security Validation Tool

review of sapience API security auditing

These days, APIs need to be strong. They need to be versatile to change, and must triumph in the face of malicious schemes hackers use to disrupt core systems. But how does a provider consistently maintain security across their API platform, and consistently check to see that security is maintained throughout continuous code deployments? As…

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