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10 Continuous Integration Tools to Spur API Development


Software development these days is about iterating fast, and releasing often. In the 10 years since Martin Fowler wrote his original paper, continuous integration has become a cornerstone of the software development process. It is a fundamental part of Agile development (being one of the core tenants of Extreme Programming) and has helped to spawn…

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What Data Formats Should My API Support?


When considering the design, implementation, and maintenance of APIs, one of the most important factors to consider is data formats — how the API handles the interaction between data generation and data request. This path between generation and manipulation, typically between server and client, is the crux of the API ecosystem. Accordingly, the types of…

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Building a REST API in Java and Scala Using Play Framework – Part 1


In this two part series we explore Play Framework, and see how it can be used for rapidly developing RESTful APIs. In part one, we introduce Play, covering the main design decisions behind its architecture and potential reasons for choosing this framework over others. We’ll finish with a quick setup guide and a basic example….

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4 Apps that Rely on APIs for Survival


APIs are pretty important. You already know that, or you wouldn’t be a reader of this blog. To that end, we realize there’s an element of preaching to the converted in this post. However, even some of those who understand the value of APIs may not know that there are countless companies out there that…

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