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The Problem

Staying competitive is difficult in a constantly changing environment


The Solution

Smarter use of APIs: We provide insights that make your job easier


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Becoming a platform

Develop an ecosystem advantage by being the basis of new business

Gaining a competitive advantage

A good strategy is about tipping the odds in your favor

Discovering new profit potential

Unlocking hidden values through integration & connectivity

Engineering hyper growth

It doesn't get much more exciting than seeing your metrics go up.

Building an agile business

Speed up how fast you can adapt to the changing environment

Achieving gold standard security

Use OAuth & OpenID Connect to safeguard your APIs

Online API Advice

LEGO’s API Strategy: Resourcing Developers & Building a Business Case

APIs are like LEGO building blocks, it is often said. Many API talks start off by explaining that APIs are like these bricks. They can be combined in innovative and creative ways beyond their originally intended purpose. What are APIs like for LEGO though? For those that are planning on attending our Platform Summit in October, you will hear the Danish worldwide phenomenon tell their API story first-hand. Read more


2 Changes that will Transform your Business into a Platform for Growth

api_platformMany of the stories we have heard at past Nordic APIs events and have recounted on our blog are ones of transformation. Organizations providing APIs are reinventing themselves as platforms that are ideally suited for modern-day business. These stories have been told by PlanMill, Bisnode, Fyndiq, and others of various sizes operating in different industries. Read more