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Nordic APIs Platform Summit

October 20-22, Stockholm

Learn how to become an API business platform
from authorities such as SoundCloud, LEGO & Kin Lane
in our 2nd annual conference.

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3 Ways APIs Create Value and 5 Acquisitions that Prove it

Big fish eat sign

Google buys Songza; Spotify nabs The Echo Nest; Facebook purchases Moves; Path gets TalkTo; and Edelman takes over Deportivo. What do these acquisitions have in common? APIs! In each of these buyouts, APIs played a central part in influencing the acquisition decision. Read more


7 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing your API


Have you ever wondered how many developers exist around the globe? According to one study, it’s about 18.5 MILLION! That’s enough to fill Sweden’s capital, the destination of our 2014 annual conference, 20 times over!

This workforce is transforming our landscape into one where everyday household items are connected to the internet. Read more


How to Monetize Your API


You’ve spent countless hours working on your new API. You followed all the standards and best practices. You executed an API-first strategy. You listened to your app’s users and to developers. You were careful to include the features they needed. One thing you have not yet figured out though is how you will make money with your API! Read more


5 Ways APIs will Increase your Revenue

What is the most important thing your business needs? Cash! And how do you get cash? Customers! Without customers, there is no revenue, and the ability to acquire customers is what distinguishes a successful business from a failing one.

In this article, I will show you five ways to increase your business revenue by offering an API that third-party developers can use to build apps and consume your information. Read more