NordicAPIs Platform summit2016

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Nordic APIs 2016 Platform Summit

October 24-26th, Stockholm

Architect and design your APIs on the scale of decades.

This years Platform Summit focuses on how to accelerate development and operations to design long-lasting APIs, and continuously deploy strategy to gain a return on your API platform.

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Crafting Excellent API Code Tutorials that Decrease Onboarding Time


The success or failure of an API program is made by any number of things: The business value of the product or platform the API exposes, the ease of use of the API, or the number of ways it can be used. However, core to getting an API program right is delighting the developer by…

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Creating A Brand Guide for Your API


What you let others do with your image is just as important as what you let them do with your API. Hosting a free-to-consume public API is a powerful tool for expanding your functionality and branding into entirely new networks. But many APIs lack comprehensive and digestible guidelines to protect their brand. Without a developer Branding Guide…

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Using APIs in Sound Engineering


APIs have brought forward massive processing power and functionality to the world of sound engineering and design. This innovation, utilizing powerful hardware to software synergy and browser-based solutions through the application of sound design and presentation APIs, is an often overlooked aspect of hypermedia in the emergent media based internet culture. Let’s look at a…

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7 Ingredients That Make Up a Superb Developer Center

Developer Center

What is a consistent attribute across successful API programs? They all have awesome developer portals. Good API documentation is easy to navigate and understand, but the best, shining developer center pushes onboarding and actual implementation to new levels of usability, to the point where integrating the API becomes as simple as cake — well, at…

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