Samtrafiken is a business to business company that supports coordination of all public transportation in Sweden through cooperation between players on the public transportation market. Samtrafikens main activities are to enhance cooperation regarding timetables, ticketing, information about planned traffic, real time information about disturbances, based on collection and coordination of traffic data.  Samtrafiken is the best collaboration place in Sweden. We contribute to the sustainable development of society by cooperation to increase the industry’s efficiency, profitability and future growth. Samtrafiken handles all domestic traffic data, including timetables, stop information, connection times between all means of transportation including walking links as well. PTAs and traffic companies are obliged to deliver their traffic service information to Samtrafiken in specific file formats.

In cooperation with the PTA of Stockholm and the Victoria Swedish ICT, a non-profit IT-research institute located in Gothenburg, Samtrafiken arranges yearly hack events. A hack event is a competition that inspires software developers to create apps and services that make traveling by public transportation a better experience. The latest hack event in Stockholm gathered more than 25 teams. The winning team presented an app designed to help people with dysfunctions and reduced capability to orientate themselves in a public environment.