Sudhindra Balaji Danske Bank

Sudhindra Balaji

API Architect


Xin and Sudhindra are API practitioners and solution architects from Core Banking IT in Danske Bank. They witnessed their organisation changing from a traditional, product-centric bank to a modern, customer-centric bank. They also saw the shift of the bank’s IT landscape from “One Group, One System”, to a proliferation of systems with a rising need for interoperability. Their architectural mission is to maintain a strong core with a Single Customer View & standardised core services, whilst opening up the core for API-enabled access and manipulation from both internal systems (via enterprise APIs) and external eco-systems (via Partner APIs or Open Banking APIs). They both had many years’ software engineering experiences before becoming architects. They share the passions of API-led system integration and Domain Driven Design. Through their career as API and solution architects, they have come to believe that gradual, pragmatic value increments on a large enterprise’s API-enablement journey are less bumpy routes to success and adoption.