Sander Elvers

Lead Domain Architect


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Sander Elvers is Lead Domain Architect at Tele2 and will be speaking together with Jacob Segerheim (Head of Digital IT). Sander and Jacob have been working together for 6,5 years on morphing Tele2 into a Digital front-runner. Having built everything from the ground up they have first hand experienced all the pitfalls, mistakes and challenges that come with implementing agile practices, microservices, creating reusability and many other steps to becoming a digital organization.

Always looking to improve and learn you can find them at most tech events and innovative ideas, looking to discuss, try out theories and be inspired by others. Nordic API’s has been a standing point on the agenda for the last 5 years, helping them with finding the next steps to become even better.

Sander and Jacob work with both Enterprise, Business and solution architecture, are a part of the EA-Leadership team of Tele2 and work in close collaboration with the CIO & heads of IT for Tele2’s different markets, as well as collaborating closely with the commercial departments and business strategy teams.