Julian Macagno

Director of Product Management & Developer Experience


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    Julian Macagno is Technology Professional with over 16 years’ experience in the Travel Technology Industry defining and developing large scale solutions requiring the integration of multiple applications and technology platforms. Having both strong a strong love for Product Management and very passionate about User and Developer Experience.
    For the past 3 years Julian has led the Product strategy, execution and investment direction for Sabres Open Developer Platform, and its portfolio of APIs, SDKs and all other developer resources to provide a best in class Developer Experience through Sabre Dev Studio. His teams mission, to empower developers with technology that will enable them to rebuild the business of travel. Sabre Platform processes over US$120B of estimated travel spend across more than 1.1 trillion system messages. Each minute, Sabre serves thousands of shops, board thousands of passengers, and process hundreds of bookings through its technology.

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