Henrik Eriksson

IT Architect

Region Östergötland

Henrik is an IT Architect specialized in Identity and Access management. At Region Östergötland he:
– Created and developed a mobile identification solution for healthcare, conceptually similar to BankID, together with an API platform (API gateway) to control access, management, security, management and cost.
– Established the Federation of the Region Östergötland incl. partners such as municipalities.
– Is Chief Architect of IAM projects developed based on industry standards such as OAuth2, and SAML openIDConnect.

Henrik is trained as a software developer and has primarily been working with software development services in the public sector. The aim of these services has foremost been to give decision makers the opportunity to, via the internet, be able to present statistics and analyses for different stakeholder groups, both political and financial.
During his career as a developer he has mainly been focused on IT security, where he has extensive experience in infrastructure services
(such as BSD Unix primarily, PKI, but also in services such as NTP, Bind DNS, ldap, dhcp, ipam and smtp/smime system where the main work revolved around system administration).
Henrik’s main responsibility as an IT architect is still IT security, but nowadays he is more focused on developing Region Östergötlands processes and tools, and to reach the business objectives both short term and long term.
Henrik is also working closely with the region’s innovation projects where he often aids research initiatives with the knowledge and support of the IT security area, mainly IAM.