Anne-Sofie Nielsen

VP Product Development

Kapow Software

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Anne-Sofie Nielsen is the VP of Product Development at Kapow Software – A Kofax Company. With a background as a software engineer and Java developer, she has worked in the area of data integration for the last 9 years.

She has worked on the client side of APIs developing against public APIs such as LinkedIn and Twitter, learning the hard way about the intricate differences between OAuth implementations – something she gave a talk about at the 2013 Warm Crocodile Conference and has discussed in one of her popular blog posts at Danish IT media version2.dk.

In her work at Kapow Software she has experienced APIs from another angle, namely by being responsible for the development of Kapow’s data integration product Katalyst that enables customers to create so-called “synthetic APIs” on top of existing web applications, and seeing how the customers gain value from being able to automate processes and integrate systems once those APIs have been created.