“You Again!?” Agreeing on API Schema Between Teams

Paul-Logan-Postman Paul Logan

You’re wrapping up the third-to-last sprint for an integration. Everything has been going well up to this point, but you’ve just realized that the API your client built to serve you vital information isn’t behaving in the way the initial business requirements specified. Was the project improperly spec’d, or were wires crossed between initial planning, to writing the tickets, to now? Maybe you can contact the other team directly, or maybe you need to go through an intermediary- either way this feature is going to be delayed.

In the course of integrating platforms, we often run into communication issues over API documentation, schema, and specification. In this talk, we will walk through common pitfalls in integration design and propose both tools and processes we can use to solve them. We’ll talk about bridging gaps between business and technical specification, establishing the definition of done, and regularly testing to make sure things remain copacetic.
When you walk out of this talk, you will know how to approach integration API-first so you won’t have to deal with miscommunications and delays again.


The 2018 Platform Summit


October 24, 2018 10:50