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Jimmy Sterner - Apollo GraphQL
Jimmy Sterner Apollo GraphQL

Apollo GraphQL invites you to an amazing afternoon together. During this workshop you will get familiarized with concepts like GraphQL, Managed GraphQL and Apollo GraphOS. The afternoon is divided into two blocks.

Block 1 – Architecture

We will start off with a 1-hour theoretical block going through how to build a unified data access layer with GraphQL and managed federation, what problems it solves and which opportunities it creates. This part of the workshop is especially targeted at architects and involves no hands-on activities. You can choose to only attend this block.

Block 2 – Hands-on

If you are a developer seeking hands-on experience with GraphQL, then stay to attend the second block too, a 2.5 hours hands-on workshop. During this session you will get your hands dirty and build out your first federated graph using Apollo GraphOS.

We will then end the day with a 30-minute Q&A session and open discussions.

Please bring a laptop!


Architecture Block

  • What is the need for GraphQL and managed federation?
  • How can you build a unified data access layer leveraging Apollo GraphOS
  • Are we all set (checkpoint so everyone is ready to go, if you are doing the hands-on)

Hands-on Block

  • Building your first Graph
  • Building the subgraphs
  • Secure the supergraph
  • Observability and metrics
  • Hands on wrap-up

Q & A (open discussion)

What you’ll learn

  • Learn and realize the value of a graphQL, managed federation and Apollo GraphOS
  • Understand how clients interact with a supergraph
  • Create a supergraph leveraging multiple data sources
  • Build familiarity with Apollo GraphOS Enterprise Tooling


Architecture block:
There are no technical pre-requisites for the architecture block.

Hands-on block:

  • General technical knowledge (command lines, environment variables, etc)
  • Familiarity with JavaScript/ES6
  • Prior knowledge of GraphQL is helpful, but not required
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