Use Cases of APIs for SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises are deeply affected by all the transformation that is happening in all sectors, with different speeds and impact. Although SMEs donĀ“t have the same funding as large corporations, they can achieve great agility by leveraging on their existing systems and new platforms, using APIs to integrate them. For SMEs, the proposal to revamp completely the IT architecture of the systems and deploying the newest application that will solve all the problems does not work asit is too expensive and risky for them.

Smart integration of existing platforms with new services will be the cornerstone of the digital evolution for all companies. Moreover, those organisations that want to deepen their relationship with SMEs will have to integrate with their customers systems. Additionally, SMEs can gradually add new functionalities and services in key areas as they become available: Natural Language, Cognitive Systems, Blockchain, and so on.

The proposal is a pragmatic yet powerful approach, where the integration between different applications by leveraging on APIs can provide huge business benefits while providing high level of speed and flexibility to SMEs at a fraction of the cost and the time required in other approaches. The focus of this approach is a methodology to evolve by defining and refining business processes through integration.

With this approach, the time to market and adaptive nature of the changes allows SME to overtake corporations with legacy systems and methodologies and lengthy and risk averse decision processes.


The 2016 Platform Summit


October 25, 2016 13:20