Uniting Rust Servers and Clients through OpenAPI

Adam Leventhal
Adam Leventhal Oxide Computer Company

Rust’s strengths make it a great systems language–memory-safety, zero-cost abstractions, performance, robustness. Those same properties are also great in higher level services! As we built out a tapestry of interacting services, we wanted to apply that robustness and strong-typing across service boundaries. OpenAPI is an ideal interface descriptor between Rust servers and Rust clients. This talk will describe the journey of building a robust and simple-to-use API ecosystem in Rust including SDK and CLI generation in Rust and TypeScript. Beyond the benefits of Rust and specifics of the library ecosystem, this talk will also articulate the benefits of automation to synchronize servers and clients via OpenAPI as well as strengths and weaknesses of the current OpenAPI ecosystem.

View the session slides here:

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