TDD for APIs in a Microservice World

It can be tough to test an apparently simple service comprehensively. A microservice architecture brings a new level of complexity to the question “How can we validate that our API is working as intended?”

In this talk Michael will explain how to use test driven development for APIs and even further how TDD can drive an API Design towards a more usable design, and how to build an well-tested ecosystem of microservices.
This approach is applicable for different kinds of services (REST APIs, websockets, industrial protocols). Independent from the type of interface we always ran into similar problems when we build an ecosystem of services.
We have to deal with dependency, asynchronous behaviours, fallback mechanisms, endpoint versioning and sometimes even shared databases.
It’s not trivial to apply TDD to these kinds of problems cause you have to think of scenarios. But there are ways of identify these scenarios and to test them.

As an API specialist Michael worked with various clients designing, building, testing, maintaining and even redesigning private and public services. Based on his project experience he developed a practical approach to apply TDD to APIs in microservice ecosystems.


The 2016 Platform Summit


October 26, 2016 13:20