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Simplify and Demo! Great Ways to Promote Your API

Oscar Santolalla Time to Shine Podcast

You just arrived to a banquet organized by the association of lawyers supporting young musicians. Soon a stranger comes to you and asks you: “What do you do for a living?” A-ha, this is your acid test for showing how easily you can explain your API. You have to simplify: get rid of the jargon and acronyms, and the abstract language that most techies use.
Another day you have to run a user onboarding demo for a customer. You might think: “If he is interested in our product, he might already know its value, right?” Wrong. Very often the customer has a different idea of what your product in reality does. There again, you need to simplify. You must have created and perfected your demo in advance so the customer can see the real value.
This talk focuses on two crucial topics for promoting your API:
(1) how to explain complex concepts to any audience so your API will sound easy and full of value.
(2) how to create effective demos for showing your API in user onboarding, hackatons, developer conferences, etc.
After this talk you will have learned powerful tools and best practices for promoting your API.

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