Secure Social Media Integration: Safe and simple incorporation of social into your site

In this session, Travis Spencer, CEO of Twobo Technologies, and Jacob Ideskog, VP of Twobo Technologies, will explain the importance of social media integration and present an example of how to do so in a secure and maintainable manner. Using the Janrain API, which harmonizes the disparate APIs exposed by the various social networks, Travis will show how a Web site can allow users to login anonymously, socially, or with a more trusted identity. He’ll then explain how to simplify the application logic needed to ensure that social personas are only allowed access low-value resources. He’ll describe an architecture that allows the application to function identically for all of these access levels by leveraging the Janrain API for social login and the transparent enforcement of centralized access policies using SiteMinder from CA Technologies. He’ll demonstrate how Janrain’s API reduces friction during the registration process, and he’ll go on to describe how this system can correlate site usage from the first anonymous access point through to the end of a customer’s journey.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • An understanding of the importance of social media integration
  • Awareness of the benefits and value of social media aggregation APIs like Janrain’s
  • Architectural ideas on how to simply and securely ensure that social personas are limited in their access rights
  • Suggestions on how to implement seamless step up authentication from social to a more trusted identity

Copenhagen, Summer 2013


May 21, 2013 14:25


25 mins